Monday, July 28, 2008

early learning book for preschoolers

I came across this book at the store the other day and decided to get it in order to help my 3 year old review his letters, learn his lower case letters and learn to write. For $7.95, I find it to be the most useful activity book so far for this age. It has 320 pages (black and white) and includes one page of stickers. It has activities to help in reading, math, sizes and shapes, numbers and letters and sounds. The pages are perforated. I also bought a book of Disney's Cars stickers to help motivate my boy.

The first night I introduced it, I ripped 3 pages for us to do and he loved it. I gave him stickers for each page he completed. The next day, he asked to do the "big book", so we did 5 pages. Each page averaged 5 minutes for us to do and the stickers just added to the fun.

My son goes to preschool, so he is learning a lot. But I want to supplement his learning and work on the things that he is having trouble with, namely lower case letters and number recognition. But as I found out, this book has a lot more to offer, such as position words, sequence, rhymes, time and other other concepts.

For moms like me, who want to teach our preschoolers are lot but don't exactly know where to start, this is a great starting place. This book is a must have! Just look at my son's first attempt on his own.

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